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Welcome to "Angel of Mercy"

"Angel of Mercy" is a nonprofit organization that comes to relieve suffering, loneliness, and heartache to people living with the HIV/AIDS virus, Diabetes and Heart Disease; orphans, and under-privilege children in the community.

We create awareness, provide basic education, and sensitize the community about the spread of the HIV/AIDS virus, Infection control, and the prevention of Diabetes and Heart Disease. We enhance the lives of those living with HIV/AIDS by helping them fight stigma, engage them in a variety of social and economic programs, and educate them on disease prevention, health promotion, and positive living.

We provide a medium by which women and children can enhance their lives through various trades, skills learning, and farming opportunities. We provide medical assistance, skilled nursing services, moral, and psychological support to our clients. We support and create educational opportunities for under-privilege children and orphans through our Scholarship and Educational programs thus giving them an opportunity to build a future. We provide a home for orphans in our Angels Home for Orphans, provide care and support them through our health, social, and educational programs.
"Angel of Mercy" offers assistance and services to the community through an interdisciplinary team of professionals who are compassionate, dedicated to caring, helping, and supporting individuals who are infected with the HIV/AIDS virus and are vulnerable. These personnel have been trained to relate to the patients on an individual basis, be supportive of their individual needs and to deal with each individual as a whole person. Our medical team strategically develop care plans that meet the individual needs of the patient; to help them live healthy and positively, fight stigmatization, and effectively belong and participate in the community activities.

The goal of care is to return the patient to the most healthy and independent living situation possible, to effectively re-integrate him/her into the community, and to help them sustain life.

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