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About "Angel of Mercy"

"Angel of Mercy" operates in Bamenda, Mezam Division, in the Northwest Province of Cameroon, West Africa. Our head office is located in Bambui, Tubah, Sub-division. Bambui is a village with a population of about 50,000 inhabitants. Bambui has six sub-villages: Baforkoum, Tubah, Malam, Finge, Asankwo, and Atunibah, We have a branch office at Mile 90 – Bamenda 11, serving the Nsongwa, Mbatu, and Chomba villages. Our new strategic office located at Nsoh Bafut serves the people in Bafut sub division, with a population of about 70,000 inhabitants.

"Angel of Mercy" was founded in November, 2005 by Relindis Oyebog, a Registered Nurse in the state of Minnesota, USA. Relindis was born in Bamenda, Cameroon. She grew up in small town called Limbe, but spent all her summer vacations helping her grandmother in Bambui. She completed her Elementary, Secondary, and High School education in Cameroon, where she attained her Ordinary Level and Advanced Level certifications. She came to the USA in 1986 to further her studies.

Today, she has earned college degrees in Health Sciences, Nursing, and is currently working on a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. She has a successful career as a Registered Nurse, working as an Administrative Nursing Supervisor in an LTACH (Long Term Acute Care Hospital) in the state of Minnesota. 

Relindis started "Angel of Mercy", a non- profit organization as a way of helping HIV/AIDS patients, the underprivileged, and orphaned children in her country. Her goal is to assist and make a difference in the lives of those who have not been blessed with the opportunities she had as a child. It is her own way of giving back to her society and living the legacy of her parents and grandmother.

"Angel of Mercy" is being operated in Cameroon by a team of Registered Nurses, Case Managers, Program Coordinators, Sales Associates, and a Project Manager. This dynamic team of employees works relentlessly to ensure that our programs meet the needs of the people and serve in ways that will optimize the livelihood of the under-privilege in the community. Each personnel actively participate in organizational programs designed to maintain continuity and sustainability of the organization. These programs have been designed to meet the basic needs of the people living in the community.

"Angel of Mercy" offers assistance and services to the community through an interdisciplinary team of professionals who are dedicated to Compassionate care, helping and supporting individuals who are infected with the HIV/AIDS virus and a variety of other illness. These personnel have been trained to relate to the patients on an individual basis, be supportive to their needs and provide them with resources that will enable them live a stable, fulfilling, and healthy life.

Our medical team strategically develops care plans that meet the individual needs of the patient; to help them live healthy, positively, fight stigma, and reintegrate effectively in the community. They act as a liaison between the patients in the villages and the medical team at the treatment centers.

"Angel of Mercy" works in collaboration with the government officials, district offices and local traditional leaders in their areas of operation to ensure that we are in compliance with government regulations, community standards, and local laws. We partner with other organizations to provide services that will meet the day to day needs of our customers.

Our Services

We offer collaborative medical assistance, social, psychosocial, and economic programs to our customers.

We offer free educational programs to the community on general hygiene, preventive measures, health maintenance, health promotion, and positive living.

We facilitate the process of obtaining free anti-retroviral medications and bactrim for prophylactic treatment from the HIV treatment centers for our patients.

We provide multi-vitamins and other immune system booster products to HIV/AIDS patients to help them rebuild their immune system, enhance their health, fight diseases, and sustain life.

We encourage and support self-development projects to enhance the financial and economic stability within families through our unique and dynamic micro-financing projects.

Our scholarship and Educational program for orphans and children living in poverty does not only provide educational opportunities to the children who have never been in a classroom, it offers financial and economic relief to families. It provides an opportunity for the children to complete their basic elementary education and obtain their First School Living Certificate, enabling them and giving them a dynamic opportunity to continue to college, professional schools, or start a trade.

Our orphanage program creates a forum where by the basic needs of a child is met and supported through a value system to enable them have good health, education, a family life supported with love, good moral values, and the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing.

"Angel of Mercy" is a nonprofit organization with a 501c3 tax deductible status. When you contribute to "Angel of Mercy" you will have the opportunity to see the effect you have in the lives of the people in the community and Mezam Division as a whole. You will receive a copy of our monthly News Bulletin indicating the programs we operated that month. We will show you pictures of the children whose lives you are contributing positively to and families whose lives you have changed for ever.
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