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How You Can Help


Your donations to "Angel of Mercy" will help in the following areas.
  • Ensure ongoing education on HIV/AIDS in the community.
  • Support our programs on HIV/AIDS in the community.
  • Provide health information to HIV/AIDS patients and children in the community.
  • Provide medical assistance for an HIV/AIDS patient.
  • Support the educational needs of an orphan through elementary education.
  • Provide self-development projects and encourage micro-financing projects.
  • Provide food for a malnourished family living in hunger and poverty.
  • Restore hope and save lives of those living in poverty and economic deprivation.

Contribute Towards a Project

Choose a project to which you would like to contribute. Your contributions will help in developing a project to meet the needs of the villagers and assist substantially in providing adequate care to our patients and orphans.

You may give your gift where the need is greatest or you can indicate which project you will like to support.
  • Self-development projects
  • CD4 Count testing for HIV/AIDS patients
  • Viral load tesing for HIV/AIDS patients
  • Medical supplies for our diabetes and hypertension clinic days
  • A single mother and a baby living with the HIV/AIDS virus
  • Tuition, books, uniform, and a lunch box for an orphan
  • Donate toward building an orphanage

Be an "Angel of Mercy"

Pledge your gift of life. Help us assist the people in Cameroon with the fight against HIV/AIDS. Help support our goal of assisting and educating people who are affected with the HIV/AIDS virus.

You will receive a copy of our monthly newsletter indicating major developments in that project. You will receive a picture of a child whose life you have changed. You will receive personal testimonies from individuals whose lives you have affected through our website. You will also receive a personal thank you note from an orphan/child whose life you have changed. You will become an "Angel of Mercy."

Annual Fundraiser

Volunteer your time, skills and talents by doing any or all of the following activities

Going on mission trips to Cameroon to work with children, orphans, and patients. All skills are needed. Send us a letter about your area of interest, and we will make your dreams of serving the under-priviledge come true. For travel dates on mission trips please call 651-283-3546.

Helping with Fund Raising activities in the USA. or, organize your own fundraiser for Angel of Mercy.

Helping with ongoing secretarial duties, advertisements, and publicity.

By doing internships in your career and areas of interest. Earn credit at school while serving humanity,

Donate to any of our projects to support our cause. Donate to make a difference. Donate to save lives.

Donate by mailing a check or money order to:
"Angel of Mercy"
PO Box 28086
Oakdale, MN 55128

Make a pledge of your contribution to "Angel of Mercy" by email:

Call us at: 651-283-3546 (Oakdale MN) or 011-237-7468-5468 (Bambui Cameroon)
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