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Our Projects and Programs

Medical Assistance Program

"Angel of Mercy" provides assistance with control tests for HIV/AIDS treatment like CD4 counts testing, viral load testing. We provide free screening and testing for HIV/AIDS, diabetes, hypertension, and hepatitis. We provide supplements, multivitamins, immune system booster products, and bactrim for prophylaxis treatment. Our nurses provide a comprehensive head to toe nursing assessments to patients on a daily basis; educate patients on medication compliance, and medication management. Our case managers provide counseling and other psycho-social support through the "Angels of Hope" support groups.

Scholarship and Education Program

Through this program, "Angel of Mercy" sponsors orphans and under-privilege children attain their elementary education, in government primary schools. We provide them with exercise books, text books, school bags, writing materials, uniforms. We assist the pay for registration fees for the First School Living Certificate and Common Entrance Examinations; thus creating an opportunity for them to go to college.

"Feed the Children" Program

With the "Feed the Children" program, "Angel of Mercy" provides cooked meals and distributes them to children in the villages and in schools. We prepare hot dishes like Jellof-rice, boiled eggs, corn chaff (beans and corn), and puff-puff. We serve them with fruits like bananas and water melon. Occasionally, the children get treats like pop corn, assorted candy, and cookies from the USA. To a lot of the orphans, it could be their only hot nutritious meal for the day. At any given time, "Angel of Mercy" feeds up to 400 children a day. Through this program, many children have been able to eat a whole boiled egg for their first time.

The Orphanage Project

Our Orphanage program is designed to provide water, food, and shelter for orphans. The orphans will reside in our family oriented environment; Angels Home for Orphans, where they will be cared for by care takers. They will be in a homely environment where they can be provided with social services, learn arts and craft, have educational opportunities, medical services, have an economic advantage in the community and learn other life-sustaining skills. Medical care will be provided on site by the "Angel of Mercy" staff nurses. The goal for "Angel of Mercy" is to accommodate 40 orphans and give them a loving, caring, and warm environment which will become their permanent home. Currently, the orphans are from 3years of age to 15years of age, both males and females. Older orphans from all age group are encouraged to participate in this program in other to help nurture and provide basic care for the younger ones. Angels Home for Orphans is located in Bambui.

Farming Project

The support group farm project is a distinct project designed by "Angel of Mercy" to provide an opportunity and social activity our patients. We provide the land and support our patients in the "Angel of Hope" program to farm and cultivate food crops. It enables them to grow food to help sustain their nutritional needs, food that they can sell and use the money for their medical needs. Overall, it provides a social media for them to interact be productive and learn other life skills. They are able to grow food crops like soya beans, pinto beans, corn, Irish potatoes, huckleberry, cocoyam, and groundnuts. The cultivation is done by the support group members, supported by an agriculturalist in "Angel of Mercy."

Kerosene Project

Kerosene is used as the main source of light in the villages as the people are not able to afford electricity. The areas that have electricity are faced with frequent power failure and problems with low voltage. The villagers always need kerosene for light and for cooking. "Angel of Mercy" supports the entire Tubah sub-division with kerosene for these purposes. We buy kerosene from wholesale petroleum companies in town and retail it to the villagers. Some of the villagers buy in large quantities from us and retail it to others villagers in the interior of the villages.

Support Group Program

The support group program is offered to HIV/AIDS, diabetes and cardiac patients and their families. This is to help them live positively and deal with the turmoil of HIV/AIDS, fight stigma, and learn other ways they can support themselves and each other. The support group is facilitated the by "Angel of Mercy" Case Managers and nurses. Through this forum, the members have created their own support system to help them live positively. The support group members participate in sensitization and other activities done by "Angel of Mercy" in the community. During these meetings, they learn about self care, medication management, preventive mechanisms of other diseases, and positive Living.

Sensitization Program

Our sensitization programs are extended not only to the primary, secondary and technical schools around the area but also to meeting houses and community meetings and churches. Through these programs, we provide education on preventive mechanisms, infection control, abstinence, health education, use of condom. We also provide counseling sessions to empower women and young girls.

"Little Angels" Program

The Little Angels program is designed to assist little children in the community to become involve in community programs. The Little Angels are trained by the "Angel of Mercy" personnel to sing, recite poetry, act drama and engage in sports activities for their physical fitness. The content of the songs, poetry and drama are related to the management and prevention of HIV/AIDS and promotion of basic hygiene. These are orphans and under-privilege children from 6 years to 15years of age. They also participate in activities like the "Feed the Children" Program, and sensitization programs on HIV/AIDS in elementary schools and in the villages.

Micro Finance Program

Through this program the patients are given a small scale loan to start a trade. The goal is for them to generate funds and build a career as traders, manufacturers or farmers. The project is being chosen by the patients, and supported by "Angel of Mercy." The goal is to encourage productivity and sustainability. The profits are reinvested back to this project, to encourage the development of more self-sustaining projects, maintain economic independence, uplift their economic status of the people, improve self esteem, become independent and live a meaningful life. They should be able to repay the loan in order to sustain the project. Currently the ongoing programs are the palm Oil program, Omo project, and the Piggery Program.
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